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In Minnesota and the surrounding states, bats are an important part of our ecology. One Little Brown bat can eat as many as 500-600 mosquitoes an hour for a total of two to five thousand a night. A colony of bats can eat 100's of thousands of mosquitoes a night. Given the amount of mosquitoes we still have buzzing around us in the summer evenings, imagine the problem we would have if it weren't for our winged friends of the night. The method ofExclusive BatProofing exclusion that we use has been deemed bat friendly enough that the MN Dept. of Natural Resources has seen fit to use us as a referral to people who are having bat problems. (Click here for more information)

Out of the seven species of bats that we have in our area, three are tree dwellers and have little or no interaction with man. The other four species of bats found in Minnesota are cave dwellers, and unfortunately our homes appear to a bat as a large, convenient cave. The two species of bats that cause the majority of problems in Minnesota are the Large or Big Brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus), and the Little Brown bat (Myotis lucifugus).

If you are looking for a safe and effective means to eliminating bat problems in your home, please keep these things in mind:

  • Do your homework when choosing a company to solve your bat problems. Don't be afraid to ask specific questions regarding claims and experience. Many use scare tactics and temporary solutions that leave the homeowner with a recurring problem and unnecessary expense. Don't be fooled by claims of experience and anonymous referrals. Get the facts!

  • Be informed of the process. Any legal deterrent or safe repellent that you can try yourself can be seen on the MN DNR website. (MN DNR - Bat Repellents)

  • Exclusion is the only true solution for bat removal. No other product, chemical or otherwise, will offer a safe, permanent solution. (MN DNR - Bat Exclusion)
  • Bat-proofing must be done from the exterior and most times requires a greater measure of risk and effort than the average homeowner is willing or capable of doing.

At Exclusive Batproofing, we have successfully bat proofed 1000's of homes. Our bat friendly process of exclusion was developed in the 1970's by the nations leading bat specialists Marshall Hanks and Dr. Merlin Tuttle who went on to establish the organization Bat Conservation International based in Austin, Texas. Using this method, the bats are allowed to exit the structure through a one way device that we make called the Excluder. We mount the Excluder at the exit points being used, allowing them to leave the structure generally for feeding (every night or two) without any hindrance. Because of their longevity (30 yrs.), and reluctance to change living quarters, all other possible reentry sites need to be sealed to prevent the bats from finding a new way into the structure. This includes any crack 1/4" wide by 1" long, (the width of a pencil by one inch long), or a hole roughly the size of your thumbnail. Within a few days all the bats living in the structure will exit through the Excluders and, because of their inability to reenter, will out of necessity move on to find a new place to call home.

We guarantee that once we bat proof your home you will be bat free. If any possible entry sites are missed and not sealed, the bats in their nightly search of the structure will find it and reenter the building. For this reason, although we have a less than a 3% call back, we give the homeowner a 3 year warranty/service period - so that if there is any reoccurrence, we will return at no further charge to take care of the problem. Once the bats have been successfully excluded from the home, simply keeping up with your normal household maintenance will ensure a bat-free home for many years to come.

We bat-proof throughout the upper midwest. No fee's are charged for travel and cost is based on the physical features of the home. We stand behind our work, and rest assured, if upon arrival of the job site we find no evidence of an infestation, we will tell you and only an inspection fee will apply. For a free estimate and further information on how to get your home bat-proofed call:

 (320) 235-1883

Or Toll Free:

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